Inside and Wildin’ Out

Inside and Wildin' Out

Living in Style

I believe that a calming, beautiful home is necessary for happiness. The outside world is guaranteed to deliver negativity, so it is essential that we create the environments that we control and set the tone of the day from the moment we blink our eyes open. For the sake of ourselves and those around us, it’s critical that the place where the heart is be life-giving, rejuvenating, positive and at peace.

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I often think about how I don’t really follow any particular photographers, blogs, certain writers or specific designers. And, I’m not sure if that just means I’m ignorant or if I just like to see my own creativity in the making, without seeing others’ work. Of course I get inspired by photos and ideas I see on blogs like Free People or Pinterest but I don’t keep up with anyone specific and I definitely appreciate those who keep their work free of labels. I totally live my life in a way where the people around me and myself feels free.

DIY Zen Garden

Sometimes you just need to stop what you are doing and take a deep breath. If you have some time,  make your own zen garden today and get excited when this moment happens to you because it will turn your whole evening into a calming activity. So rather you are bored, stressed, frustrated, tense, lost in thoughts you shouldn’t be lost in, or whatever it may be…stop and start rounding up some random pieces around the house and put them to creative use and decorate your space with zen! Make your own authentic garden while you catch your breath and I promise you, you’ll forget why you even lost it in the first place. A Zen Garden made from scratch makes it so much more meaningful and creating your own could possibly be the most #zen thing you can do. Create your own zen space and keep it somewhere you can easily use it.

“Live your own story” and practice “Zen and the art of creating it within you”

Here’s a little secret from my #zengarden : one of my sand boxes is actually hot coco powder and the smell of chocolate goodness was an epic bonus! Seriously, how much more zen could you want : ) #zengarden #DIYzengarden #zen #choosehappy #quoteoftheday #free #allthingshappy

If you could visit anywhere?

Visit? Be? My dream house that’s on a hidden off grid island. It’s a beautiful custom-designed tree house that spreads throughout the entire island and is just a hop, skip, or a kayak over to the main-lands. Oh, how I wish to be building it now! Other than that, if I had to choose one place to continue visiting, it would be Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado : )